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Traumatic Injuries and Root Canals

Traumatic dental injuries are usually caused during an accident or a sports-related injury. In some cases, a cracked or chipped tooth may be so severe that the damage extends all the way to the root which is cause for restorative repair. No matter the severity of the tooth damage, we always recommend giving us a call as soon as possible to get you in to examine the extent of the damage. We will inspect the injury to determine if it is a simple cosmetic procedure to fix, or if there is damage below the visible surface of the tooth itself. If your entire tooth or root has been affected, treating it as soon as possible is the best chance to prevent possible future damage that will call for more procedures or discomfort.

Upland Endodontic Group specializes in treating traumatic dental injuries. Using today’s latest technology and endodontic techniques, we can often save an injured or damaged tooth entirely!

If you are in need of this type of service, or have been a part of dental related injury, please call our office right away at 909-981-8808!