Dr. John G. Hockin, II, D.D.S., M.S.

Practice Limited to Endodontics

Dr. Hockin graduated from Loma Linda University with an Endodontic Degree and a Masters in Oral Pathology. Dr. Hockin has been involved in the Endodontic Graduation Programs for 40 years.

Member of the following organizations:

1)  Tri-County Dental Association

2)  California Dental Association

3)  American Dental Association

4)  American Association of Endodontist

5)  Southern California Association of Endodontist

6)  California Association of Endodontist

Offices Held:

1)  Past President of Southern California Academy of Endodontist

2)  Past President of California Association of Endodontist

3)  Past chairman of Tri-County & California Endodontic Association Peer Review Committees for many years.

4)  Instructor in the Endodontic Residency Program at Loma Linda University Dental School. 

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